Seiko’s new and exciting mini-power Chip-Type EDLC

Check out Seiko's new and exciting mini-power  Chip-Type EDLC. The products are CPX10080C104F (hereinafter, “CPX104”), CPZ10080C104F (hereinafter, “CPZ104”), and CPX10080C402F (hereinafter, “CPX402”). CPX104 has the lowest in class internal impedance of 0.5 ohm, and CPZ104 at 1.5 ohm, providing a very small leak current lower than 10 nA.

Standard Display Products

Displaytech offers a wide variety of standard display products to meet the requirements of your specific application. From color TFT modules and monochrome graphic displays to segmented TN LCDs, we have many standard products that are commercially available off the shelf and suitable for most industrial, medical and consumer products.