About Everest Sales and Solutions

A Brief History of Everest Sales and Solutions

After 30 years of expanding his knowledge and experience in the Mexican Electronics Industry
Gary Sandoval founded Everest Sales and Solutions to serve Mexico and Central America.

Gary’s 30+ years in the electronics’ industry began in high school where he studied electronics, college where he studied communications, and continuing on to 1976 when he joined the Culver City, CA based Hamilton Electro Sales; where he worked for 5 years learning the foundations of industry sales, support, service, and growth. He moved then to National Semiconductor, then on to Schweber Electronics, then Zilog, and finishing with Siemens/Infineon. Over these years, through these companies Gary moved through the gamut of positions ranging from customer service all the way to country specific directorships. He interacted with the diverse aspects of the industry including design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales. All the while gaining more and more knowledge and an ever-expanding perspective of what the industry is capable of and where it can go.